Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fashion Touchscreen Watch Phone

A Phone on your Wrist! Ensure instant communication, updates and convenience. 

The Fashion watch phone is a mini 1.8 inch phone wrist watch that lets you make phone calls, surf the internet, watch videos, receive and send messages, and all at the same time. Solid build quality, beautiful looks and fully functional electronics make for an unbeatable combination of quality, style and convenience that is sure to set the standard for high quality watch phones.

Wrist watch mobile phone with a genuine leather strap and a 1.8 inch touchscreen, perfect for the smooth operator looking for geek chic electronics.

Other great features 176x126 resolution display, a built in camera for spot pictures at 640x480 resolution, a video and music player built in, great battery life, and more

Watch Cell Phone: Love jogging, hiking, tennis, working out, or other sports activities which require full use of your body? Don't like carrying around your phone while doing so? Well the solution is here! Just stick your SIM card inside this unique watch phone and taking/ making calls on the go becomes a breeze!

Mp3/ Mp4: It supports MP3/ MP4 format, Take the phone with you and take advantage of personalized mobile entertainment! 

Touchscreen: Smooth Operator phone includes an easy-to-use and responsive 1.8 inch TFT LCD touchscreen for sending text messages and easily navigating through the watch phone. The touchscreen is also surprisingly easy to navigate and can be controlled even without the use of the built in stylus.

Quad Band Unlocked: This watch phone is unlocked for worldwide use. The phone supports GSM 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900MHz. Enjoy worry-free travel wherever you go.

Although it looks like a watch, it contains basic function of cell phone, including call and answer phone, receive and send message, take photo, record, FM, Bluetooth. In addition, it is also available mp3 music and mp4 video. Even, it is possible to receive the updated notification such as email notification by connecting the watch phone with your smart phone. All in all, it just likes a mini smart phone.

Who Need Watch Phone

Since smart phone has large enough screen and convenient operation, you, may wonder, why need touch screen watch phone and who need the phone? It is a good question. As the matter of the fact, it is designed for special work group who are not convenient to take the phone with them during working, such as explorer, prospector and so on. It is also useful for sporter.

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