Monday, August 12, 2013

Features of Cell Phone Cases

Internet retailers offer a tremendous variety of carrying cases for every major cell phone model. Many of them have extra features that boost performance, ease-of-use or functionality. Others are designed to give phones more protection than the average case. The most beneficial features vary depending on how you use your mobile phone.

A few cell phone cases have built-in antennas that enhance reception. These signal boosters prove useful for people who work or live in remote areas with poor cellular coverage.

If your device has a proximity sensor. Close cover, and Device automatically goes to sleep. Open cover, and Device instantly wakes up. Any Tablet, Any Phone, Any Cover.

An extended battery case features a built-in secondary battery that a phone can use if it runs out of power. It helps bicyclists, hikers and boaters stay in touch when they can’t use their chargers.

A number of cell phone cases provide external access to a mobile phone’s ports. This time-saving feature makes it easier to connect and disconnect your charging adapters.

Other models have compact integrated chargers. They allow you to energize a cell phone by directly plugging the case into a wall outlet. This makes your telephone completely wireless.

Some cases feature personalized designs, colors or imprints of your choice. If several members of a family have mobile phones, customized cases can help differentiate them.

A few companies have developed radiation-blocking cases that can reduce your exposure to cellular emissions. Frequent telephone users may gain peace of mind by purchasing these products.

All cases provide some protection from moisture, but a waterproof case will prevent a puddle or an unexpected thunderstorm from ruining your phone. This is a great feature for people who exercise outdoors.

Many cases provide extra pockets that hold cards and similar objects. You can even replace your wallet with a phone case if you don’t need many pockets.

Some mobile telephone cases feature handy built-in flashlights. They typically use LEDs to minimize power consumption. If you always carry your phone, you will never be without a source of light.

When shopping for a cell phone case, attempt to find the right balance of features and affordability. Try to identify the extra feature that you would actually use on a regular basis. Also, keep in mind that a sophisticated case is more likely to function correctly if it was specifically designed for your phone.

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